1 Ottobre 2017


025 Lizard 001 Mylodon EXSIMIO “Exsimio”   2002   Extraordinaire band from the underground of Chile, surely a revelation with an explosive sound by great dynamic guitars-bass-drums […]
1 Ottobre 2017


021 DISCOLOR “III” 22001   Third album from the most experimental project by Stefan Lienemann: the energy of the universe flows on tight strings by the […]
29 Settembre 2017


001 DAVIDE CAMERIN “40 metri quadri” 1999   002 “Natale Parabellum”  2002   “Dedalo” 2005 Il trevigiano Davide Camerin si definisce giustamente un cantautore. Ma il suo nuovo […]
29 Settembre 2017


LL 0003-4-331 AKO DOMA  “52” Lizard distribution 2000   Second album for the most important new band from Slovakia with a strong guitar sound in psych-progressive way, […]
29 Settembre 2017

AKINETON RETARD “Akineton Retard” 2001

019 AKINETON RETARD  “Akineton Retard” 2001 from Santiago one of the most important chilean band with a great sound tension by strong urban jazz-rock- avant-garde way. […]
27 Settembre 2017


001 SPIROSFERA “Umanamnesi” 1996   An original cross-over through Area-Zorn-King Crimson, high tension in urban sound and great personal vocals. One of the most important album […]
27 Settembre 2017

Aria Palea

002 ARIA PALEA “Zoicekardìa” 1996   for someone “Jethro Tull of Salento” for their special blend of progressive-folk in a personal italian way with a great […]
26 Settembre 2017

AIRPORTMAN “Dust & Storm”

AIRPORTMAN  “Dust & Storm”         (LIZARD CD 0127) Nuovo album degli AIRPORTMAN (quattordicesimo), un concept che ritorna alla dimensione strumentale, ispirato tematicamente alle tempeste di sabbia e […]