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Nuovi arrivi in casa Lizard: NichelOdeon e InSonar

Bath Salts (Lizard CD 0097), doppio album dei NichelOdeon
(20 brani studio) con booklet di 48 pagine con i dipinti e le poesie visive di Effe Luciani e le foto di Andrea Corbellini, in un elegante packaging autografato e numerato a mano.

Un progetto di Claudio Milano, Raoul Moretti, Pierangelo PANdiscia e Vincenzo Zitello con: Michel Delville, Walter Calloni, Paolo Tofani, Valerio Cosi, Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo, Alfonso Santimone, Stefano Delle Monache, Elio Martusciello, Paolo Carelli, Lorenzo Sempio, Max Pierini, Andrea Breviglieri, Andrea Murada, Massimo Falascone, Sebastiano de Gennaro, Giorgio Tiboni, Laura Catrani, Valentina Illuminati, Ivano La Rosa, Luca Pissavini, Alessandro Parilli, Francesco Chiapperini, Andrea Quattrini, Fabrizio Carriero, Anna Caniglia, Marco Confalonieri, Simone Pirovano, Simone Beretta.


CD 1 – Capitolo I. D’Amore e di Vuoto 
01. Prologo (Zitello/Milano) [3:13]
02. Un Posto sicuro (Milano/Moretti/Tofani) [8:53]
03. Ricordo d’Infanzia (Milano/Alfonso Santimone/Moretti) [6:23]
04. Surabaya Johnny (Bertolt Brecht/Kurt Weill) [5:24]
05. Bolle (Zitello/Milano) [2:11]
06. Rapporto sulla Fine di una Storia (Milano/Pandiscia/Tofani) [4:52]
07. (This Side of) The Looking Glass (Peter Hammill) [6:24]
08. Desiderio nascosto (Zitello/Milano) [3:48]
09. 7 AZIONI – Musica per la Carne (Carelli/Milano/Calloni/Murada/Pandiscia) [6:30]
10. Giulia – nata in 7 Mesi, morta al primo Appuntamento (Milano) [7:12]

CD 2 – Capitolo II. Di Guerre e Rinascite 
01. Terra (Milano/Moretti) [4:48]
02. Alla Statua dei Martiri di Gorla (Milano) [9:23]
03. Fuoco Amico – mai N.A.T.O. (Milano) [2:20]
04. Trittico 50 mg (Milano/Confalonieri/Alfonso Santimone) [7:05]
05. Johnny dei Pirati (Bertolt Brecht/Kurt Weill) [5:01]
06. Secca in Festa – Lode ad Antonio Primaldo (Milano) [2:58]
07. L’Urlo ritrovato (Milano with Pissavini/De Gennaro/ Falascone/Moretti/Pandiscia/V. Illuminati/La Rosa/ Tiboni/Catrani/Zitello) [12:45]
08. Un Posto sicuro #2 (Zitello/Milano) [2:32]
09. Finale – Ninna Nanna (Milano) [3:03]
10. Portami un Fiore (Bertolt Brecht/Fiorenzo Carpi) [1:39]

L’Enfant et le Ménure (Lizard CD 0096/CM7513/dENCP001), doppio album del progetto InSonar (18 brani) con booklet di 48 pagine con i dipinti di Marcello Bellina (in arte Berlikete) e i mosaici di Arend Wanderlust, in un elegante packaging autografato e numerato a mano.

Un progetto di Claudio Milano e Marco Tuppo che vede la partecipazione di 62 musicisti: Elliott Sharp, Trey Gunn & Pat Mastellotto, Walter Calloni, Paolo Tofani, Ivan Cattaneo, Nik Turner, Dieter Moebius, Thomas Bloch, Ralph Carney, Dana Colley, Graham Clark, Richard A Ingram, Albert Kuvezin, Othon Mataragas & Ernesto Tomasini, Nate Wooley, Burkhard Stangl, Mattias Gustafsson, Werner Durand & Victor Meertens, Erica Scherl, Michael Thieke, Viviane Houle, Jonathan Mayer, Stephen Flinn, Angelo Manzotti, Roberto Laneri, Vincenzo Zitello, Elio Martusciello, Thomas Grillo, Pekkanini, Víctor Estrada Mañas, Eric Ross, Takeuchi Masami, Gordon Charlton, Francesco Chapperini, Luca Pissavini, Fabrizio Carriero, Andrea Murada, Andrea Illuminati, Max Pierini, Lorenzo Sempio, Andrea Tumicelli, Nicola De Bortoli, Francesco Zago, Michele Bertoni, Alex Stangoni, Michele Nicoli, Stefano Ferrian, Alfonso Santimone, Luca Boldrin, Andrea Quattrini, Beppe Cacciola, Simone Zanchini, Paola Tagliaferro & Max Marchini, Raoul Moretti, Pierangelo Pandiscia & Gino Ape.


CD 1 – L’Enfant
1. The Simpsons sing Gounod (Charles Gounod) [2:43]
2. L’Estasi di Santo Nessuno (Claudio Milano) [5:30]
3. La Stanza a Sonagli (Marco Tuppo, Claudio Milano, include una citazione tratta da “Andrea Chenier” di Umberto Giordano) [6:24]
4. Thief of Toys (Claudio Milano) [5:49]
5. L’Inventasogni (Claudio Milano, Andrés Jankowski) [5:33]
6. Menura Latham (Elliott Sharp, Thomas Bloch, Marco Tuppo) [6:18]
7. Gallia #1 (Jacqueline Darby, Claudio Milano, Marco Tuppo) [3:22]
8. Venus in Furs (Lou Reed) [6:38]
9. Dieci Bambini Cacao (Claudio Milano, Michele Bertoni, Marco Tuppo, Agatha Christie) [12:53]
10. Hamelinvoice (Claudio Milano) [4:20]

CD 2 – Ashima 
1. Liberami – tabernacolo erotico (Claudio Milano, testi tratti dai sottotitoli in italiano di “Twin Peaks”, ultimo episodio) [2:57]
2. Song to the Siren (Tim Buckley, Gordon Charlton) [6:56]
3. Canción del Jinete (Claudio Milano, Federico García Lorca) [3:26]
4. La Torre più alta (Claudio Milano) [6:36]
5. Plaisir d’Amour (J.P. Égide Martini, J.P. Claris De Florian, Claudio Milano, Marco Tuppo) [4:44]
6. Warszawa (David Bowie, Brian Eno) [6:42]
7. Gallia #2 (Jacqueline Darby, Claudio Milano, Marco Tuppo) [3:16]
8. Medina (Marco Tuppo, Thomas Grillo) [5:13]

Per maggiori info e dettagli sulle offerte e sulle modalità di acquisto:

nichelodeon@gmail.com o lizardopenmind@yahoo.it


Delusions of Adequacy/Sea of Tranquility - USA- January 2011

Taken as a whole conceptual statement, it's a masterpiece. It's as if David Lynch produced Italian opera. It's an experience you'll never forget.
Jordan Blum

DPRP – U.K.- April 2011

Claudio Milano is one of the best male vocalists I have ever heard...an avant garde art rock album that oozes class from beginning to end...imagine David Lynch married with the excellence of Diamanda Galas.
John O'Boyle

Terrascope - U.K. - January 2011

A truly multitalented guys...with more than 2½ hours of music for eyes and ears you’ll have to add some energy of your own into it, but, it’s well worth it !
Simon Lewis

Prognaut – U.S.A.– November 2010

"Il Gioco del Silenzio" is one of the most brilliant CD’s I have listened to in the last 10 years. There are just a few dozen singers in the entire world, that I have heard that command the art of vocals this way.
Lee Henderson

Progarchives - U.S.A. - November/January 2010

A cornerstone of Italy's experimental musical scene in the years to come
César Inca Mendoza Loyola

With a warm and precise tone, Claudio Milano masters the change of registers and within a second is able to go from a deep whispering to a high falsetto shouting, all this effortless! And like a vocal spider, he then threads his musical web around this voice... his vocal chords function like a yo-yo!
Pierre Tassone

A sound which is powerful, arresting and truly unique. Highly recommended.
David Edwards

Imagine Paolo Conte gone berserk after being locked up in isolation for 2 weeks with nothing to listen to but Alban Berg's "Wozzeck". Insanity guaranteed. Close to a masterpiece.
Karl Bonne

A real showcase for the talent the musicians have, especially in experimental techniques. Its really great to see the musicians spreading their wings and really having fun playing the music. 4.5 stars. Extremely recommended
Phil Degliomini

Exclaim! - Canada - November 2010

There is more than a touch of Fellini's carnival sensibility throughout the varied tunes, but where Federico's work was humorous and nostalgic, Nichelodeon are hallucinatory and dark, in very, very interesting ways. If you like your music big, deep, philosophical and passionate, Nichelodeon definitely offer something to sink your teeth into.
Glen Hall

Rocktologist – Slovenia – March 2011

Milano has proven himself to be a fine composer, singer and lyricist. Three great talents all rolled into one. He created a true work of art, which will be hard to surpass in the future.
Rok Podgrajšek

Onda Rock – Italy- December 2010

An album of unique beauty ... Echoes of Art Bears and Henry Cow, Central European perfumes. Free jazz for free minds. "Cantare la voce/Singing the voice," someone said, a noble time ... One of the best records in recent years.
Massimo Marchini

Il Mucchio Selvaggio/Fuori dal Mucchio - Italy- November 2010

A band from Milan composed of seven elements that moves into an area so vast as to include experimentation and free jazz, ethnic influences and prog, post-punk deconstructions and noisy, new wave and even, the Italian songwriters. .. the twelve tracks collected here ask a lot of attention, but if they are approached with an open mind and desire to get involved can give a lot of satisfaction.
Aurelio Pasini

Rumore - Italy - December 2010

This is an attractive invitation card from a concrete reality of the Italian avant-garde ... worthy of mention for posterity.
Emanuele Sacchi

Buscadero - Italy - December 2010

Their music evokes the charm and the mysterious beauty of an abstract painting ... composed of classical elegance, breathtaking rock hits and obscure and avant-garde dissonance ... barely simmering find points of reference if not in HP Lovercraft's most dreamy pages. A phantasmagoric multi-media performance.
Luca Salmini

Rockerilla – Italy - December 2010

A mixture of Rock in Opposition, avant-prog and jazz caught twelve-tone (with references to Demetrio Stratos and Opus Avantra but also to Giovanni Lindo Ferretti) geared to the provocation ... a show dedicated to the irreverence and desecration, covered with the colors of a sensational soundpainting psychedelic. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Enrico Ramunni

Il Manifesto/Alias – Italy - December 2010

A very complex and fascinating subject ... a swirl of sound situations ... a dizzly game of joints, embracing avant-garde and European art rock, desecration and weighted, accurate melodic profiles ... Area and Van Der Graaf Generator in the secret book of the heart. On top of the hill, the exciting voice of Claudio Milano.
Guido Festinese

Caleidoscoop – The Netherlands – October 2010

A mix of Elijah's Mantle, King Crimson, Zappa, Angelo Badalamenti, Tuxedomoon, Debussy, Christian Wolz, Mike Patton, Naked City, Supersilent, Virgin Prunes and Mikhail would not suffice to define "The game of silence. " This is art with a capital A! A giant has passed through Italy. Phenomenal!
Jan Willem Broek

Babyblaue – Germany – November 2010

The Italian version of the Music Theatre of Brecht and Weill, reported to the 21st century.
Sal Pichireddu

Jochen Rindfrey

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